End of August Monthly Reflection

This year had a lot of highs and lows. I can say that this has been my **worst** — most depressing, most terrible year since becoming a Mom. My birth month hasn't been very friendly to me and I think out of all the months of the year, nothing can top August.

I know I’m supposed to encourage you and be more positive, but I just want to be realistic and honest about what’s really going on in my life.

Nothing’s perfect and that the more we try to be perfect, the more we get hurt because of our expectations.

I started reflecting on everything that’s happening in my life because I realized how important it is to gain a better understanding of our emotions, our mindset, strengths, weaknesses and trigger factors.


Here are the ups and downs and everything that happened this August —

  1. My anxiety spiked which is why my job and my family suffered a bit.

  2. As a result, I quit my job. I was too depressed and demotivated. I need to literally drag myself to the office every night. I tried to fix it in ways that have worked for me once but when nothing was working, I knew I had to give up my job.

  3. Because I quit my job, we were paralyzed financially. From a two-income to a one-income household real quick. And trust me, it is tough to live with one income here in Manila but we can make it work.

  4. Fired my babysitter because of attendance issues.

  5. I lost hope in life. This month I imagined a lot of ways to end it. Thank God I have a son whom I love the most and I just can’t do it to him.

  6. I blame almost everyone around me for the things happening in my life - I need to work this one out badly.

  7. This month, I am determined to be more serious in my blog.

  8. I got into the habit of waking up an hour or two before Dreu — chores and writing = ME TIME! ☺


Told ya — it was terrible — aside from the waking up early part ☺

It was the most nerve-racking month, I can say. I hope next month would be better.


Goals for September:


  1. Taking ownership of my mistakes.

  2. Stop overthinking.

  3. And, be more positive.


As a Mother

  1. Learn to be more patient

  2. Spend less screen time and more time with Dreu.



  1. Publish a post or two every week in my blog. 📝

  2. Get back on track on Instagram



  1. Get a part-time VA job to help Tee with the income.


While I was looking over some motivational wallpapers, this one struck me the most and is so appropriate.

If there is one thing that helped me through this very difficult month, it was crying and journaling.

But mostly, crying.

What about you? How was August for you? I'd love to hear about it!



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