Product Review: Great Scents Odor Neutralizer

In my constant search for home fragrance, I found myself in one of the mom groups on Facebook searching for an odor neutralizer spray. I’m a new mom so I find mom groups to be very helpful (well, some, because others are either too judgmental or just causing me anxiety).

Anyhow, I saw this Great ScentsⓇ Odor Neutralizer Spray and because of the reviews, I decided to buy one and give it a try.

Great Scents Odor Neutralizer

What is the Great ScentsⓇ Odor Neutralizer?

Great ScentsⓇ Odor Neutralizer claims to eliminate odor at your home or office.

It eliminates odor from:

  • Tobacco Smoke

  • Bathroom; and

  • Pet Odors.

It can be used in:

  • Furniture

  • Curtains

  • Carpet

  • Clothing/any types of fabric

  • Any Room

It claims to give out clean and fresh air.

According to its packaging —

“Great ScentsⓇ Fresh Linen Odor Neutralizer is specially formulated to safely eliminate odors from all types of fabrics while freshening the air. Gives you a clean, fresh pleasant smell.”

How to eliminate odor in your home using Great Scents Odor Neutralizer

All you have to do is spray in the room or spritz on the fabric and it will give it a fresh smell.

Apparently, it did not fail me with the smell because it smells so fresh, and not rough. Unlike some other fragrance spray that is strong odored.

This Odor Neutralizer is priced at ₱66 which makes it really affordable.

Actually, its price is one of the main reasons why I bought it.

I was about to check Japan Home in Glorietta but just when we were about to leave MRT-Ayala, I thought I’d check Uncle Bills Ltd. and take a look if it’s available.

Luckily, it’s there so I decided to buy one.

One great feature of the spray bottle is that it has a nozzle option that you can turn for Spray, Stream or Off. Which means it’s user-friendly and safe with kids around as long its nozzle is on OFF.

I’d definitely reuse the sprayer.


  • Affordable. Priced at only ₱66.

  • Neutral Smell. Fresh Linen Odor. 🍃

  • Can be used at anywhere in the house.

  • Can be used in Fabrics, carpets, and furniture which is actually my main concern


  • The scent doesn't last that long. It disappears after around 3-5 minutes.

My verdict?

The Great Scents Odor Neutralizer is a great odor eliminator if you needed instant fragrance at home, most especially bathrooms. It’s quite helpful for my furniture because it eliminates the stinky smell on our sofa from my son’s pee and milk.

It’s also helpful for me when it comes to the stinky smell after cooking any fish dish. I hate the fish smell so I find the Great ScentsⓇ Odor Neutralizer very helpful when I cook.

It’s not long-lasting though, it may eliminate the odor but a little stench will be back after a little while. However, I’d surely keep one at home in case of an emergency.

Though I'll try to find the odor neutralizing beads type because I think it will do a better job than the spray type.

Where to buy?

You can find these at any Japan Home Center in their American Bazaar Center. You can also find one in an Uncle Bills Ltd Shop. These two shops carry household personal items at a very reasonable price.

So, have you tried it?
How was it?

How to eliminate odor in your home using Great Scents Odor Neutralizer



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