Daily Routine of a Toddler Mom (Hourly Guide)

Being a stay at home mom isn't as easy as 1-2-3. I always imagined a very smooth routine even with chores and a toddler.

Life proved to be the opposite. It has been very overwhelming and oversaturated.

I never knew that the only thing that I needed to do if I wanted a happier and stress-free life as a stay at home mom is to have a daily routine.

I am still finding my pace and I always make room for changes because I have a toddler.

Flexibility is the key.

Kids aren’t consistent. They're the most inconsistent creatures in the world (aside from my mood and the Internet Connection in the Philippines).

But despite the inconsistencies, I still try to follow a daily routine to make life smoother, and less stressed.

It will save your sanity and reduce your anxieties.

If you're not following a daily routine yet, I suggest you start one now.

I am sharing with you how our normal schedule with a 2-year-old looks like. It’s not perfect, it changes from time to time but it works if followed.



Wake up earlier than your kids. Don’t let your day start with your kids’ chaos.

You need silent time.

Make your coffee, sit for a while, read books, write in your journal or blog, anything that makes you feel calm and at peace. ☕️

Embrace the silence.

It is very important to have some time for yourself before you tackle your kids.

I try to wake up earlier than Dreu so I can jump-start my day, and sip my coffee in peace.

I am not one of those perfect moms who seem to be so organized every day. I am one of those who gets overwhelmed every single time.

I get stressed with chaos and loud noise. Therefore, my day is better every time I have an hour or two alone.

8:00 AM


Some kids wake up late but my son’s an early riser. Try to wake your kids early so it will give them ample time to exhaust their energies, giving them better afternoon sleep.

By this time Dreu’s already waking up asking for his milk. He usually picks up his cars and plays with it while he's drinking milk. While he does that, I usually prepare breakfast and do some chores - freshen up our home.


If you wanted to save time for breakfast, and you have a microwave, you can always go for sandwiches 🍞, burrito 🌯 or oatmeal.

Usually, it’s just the two of us who eats breakfast if Tee doesn't comes home early. I just prepare typical Filipino breakfasts like eggs, sausages, tocino, hotdog or spam. 🍳

Sometimes, when Dreu doesn't like what we have for breakfast, I give him Cerelac and a-a-a-apple 🍎. (That’s how Dreu says it 😂)


I try not to multitask but when I do, I’m making sure my attention isn't divided.

Try to maximize your time.

Before I play with Dreu, I let the laundry run. It takes 30 minutes to an hour for a wash so it gives me time to play with him.

We don't have an automatic washing machine, just the manual washer, and spinner tub and since we live in a condo, I don’t have space to hang clothes so I need to do a small batch of laundry every day or every other day.

I load it by morning so I can rinse and spin it during his afternoon nap time.


If you want to save money on food, cook lunch. Avoid take-out. Take outs may be useful at times but eats a lot of your budget.

I love cooking and I want to feed my family home-cooked lunch so I always take time to cook food. Aside from it saves us money than takeout, it’s also a stress reliever for me.

I learned a bit about cooking by observing my mom while she cooks but I’m really self-taught. There are a lot of helpful websites to help you cook, like my favorite Panlasang Pinoy.

12:00 🕛 LUNCH

Tee is usually asleep by this time so it’s just me and Dreu. Usually, Dreu gets another milk by lunchtime so I wash the dishes while he’s having milk. Two birds with one stone. 



If you allow your kids to have some screen time (which I do), you can set some time for them to watch but make sure there’s a limit.


If you're using an Apple Device, use "Guided Access." It makes your phone operate on "Child Mode." Toggling on Time Limit will allow you to choose a time limit for your Guided Access session. The kids will know their time is up when the screen turns black and says, "TIME IS UP."




⚫Scroll down to 'Guided Access' within the Learning section

⚫Toggle Guided Access on

Depending on the weather and my mood, it’s either TV Time or Pool Time. We are blessed to get unlimited access at the condo’s pool so I usually bring him there to tire him before his afternoon nap. 

But if it’s raining or I’m just a bit lazy, it’s TV time or iPad Time.


Depending on how many naps your child takes, make sure they do it in the afternoon to avoid being cranky in the evening. Normally, kids take their naps for 2-3 hours.

I always wanted to let him sleep around 1 in the afternoon, but he just doesn't so I gave up and let him sleep by 2. Sometimes, it takes a while to put him to sleep but most of the time, he just sleeps on his own. 💤

3:00 PM


I know we have a lot of tasks to accomplish, but you can definitely sleep when the baby sleeps. But if you don't want to, you can always watch an episode of How to Get Away with Murder or take a shower. 🚿

Once Dreu is asleep, I either use the time to have my last coffee or take a quick nap (or not). Honestly, I sometimes fall asleep with him. However, if I had my last coffee, this is the best time for me to blog because I can think better with a quiet house. I sometimes use this time to hang laundry if needed.

This is also the best time for self-care. I am still in the process but I try to incorporate self-care as much as possible.


Now he’s awake. Back to reality. 🙄


5:00 PM


If there are no leftovers from lunch, I cook dinner. As I said, I love cooking. So it’s either we walk outside and go to the playground, or just stay inside. Lately, we don’t go out in the afternoon due to the volume of dengue cases lately, you just can’t be complacent.

6:00 PM


This is a bit busy for us. After feeding Dreu, I usually allow him to watch a little TV while I heat Tee’s water for coffee and prep his baon.

7:00 - 8:00 PM


This is where dishes takes place, and this is when I pick up everything from the living room if I’m not too tired. I am making it a habit to clean up the night before so I don't have to worry about it for tomorrow and it’s the start of a fresh new day! I just want tomorrow to be less stressed. 🧹

9:00 PM - 10:00 PM


I know it’s a little late but because he wakes up late in the afternoon, he sleeps a bit late, so this is when I have Dreu his night shower so he can sleep soundly. Then after that, it’s bedtime. 🛌

This is what our normal day looks like.

Though most of the time it’s messed up because I have a toddler, this schedule keeps me sane and I bet my toddler’s happy too because every time I follow this schedule, he’s less cranky and tired. He knows the daily routine he has to follow.

I am a first-time mom so it’s not perfect and I’d love to hear how other mom’s daily schedule looks like. But, if you’re a first-time mom like me, I hope this helps.

Let me know in the comments below.



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