Saying Goodbye...

I have shared in my last month's reflection how messy and how ugly this year had been for me, and how August has been the worst for me.

September was also a very busy month and honestly, very stressful too. However, good thing comes out of it.

Though my depression wasn’t medicated and I still have episodes every day, T and I decided to make some real changes in our lives starting this month and we have to say goodbye to a lot of baggage.

We've decided that it's the only way to have a happier and more peaceful life.

Saying goodbye to the perfect home.

I have decided to say goodbye to a perfect, sparkling clean home.

It is so important for me to maintain a clean home that I always get stressed out if there's a plate left on the sink or if Dreu made a mess again.

It took me years to accept and understand that I have a toddler who is prone to mess things up and throw things around -- and that is unavoidable and normal.

I was blinded with all the Pinterest perfect homes that I want mine to be as perfect as theirs.

What I haven't realized is that I have a different living situation as theirs. Our family lives in a 1-bedroom condo unit while others live in a home that has a space for almost everything.

It is impossible to have a perfect, clean home all day with a child and it took me a moment to accept that mindset.

I was too focused on being the best mom and wife that I forgot the most important thing in my life -- my family.

Don't get me wrong, of course I still clean our home and pick stuff up.

In the morning, I clean the kitchen, pick up stuff on the floor, sweep, fold, and have coffee as a part of my daily routine. If ever Dreu throws things around, I pick up some, but I don't allow it to get to me anymore.

Saying goodbye to the perfectionist blogger.

The past months and weeks, I was having a hard time posting and blogging. If you noticed, there are inconsistencies on my posting pattern and that it doesn't seem to be very authentic and genuine anymore.

It was because I was consumed by reading a lot of blog posts from other mom-bloggers on how your blog should have a "niche," believing that it won't work for you in the blogosphere if you don't stick to your niche.

While that is so true, I enjoyed blogging about different kind of things that matters and I don't think I should restrain myself to what I want to share.

The main reason why I started this blog is to have an avenue for me to express myself and discover young motherhood, while I share my experience to my readers.

I started it to make young mothers feel that they have a friend that has the same struggle as theirs, and that motherhood isn't Pinterest perfect as what we always see on Social Media or other perfectly branded blogs.

Now, I have decided to say goodbye to the perfect blog post, perfect pictures, perfect website, strict SEO guidelines and niche-centered idea.

I'm saying goodbye to anything that limits my ability and skills.

Say goodbye to anything that limits your abilities and skills. As what they always say,"Sky's not the limit, your mind is."

So moving forward expect a more authentic, and real blog, with a more authentic and real person behind. 😉

Saying goodbye to overthinking.

This has been the cause of my ongoing stress and anxiety and it's kind of hard for me to stop overthinking. It comes naturally for me.

I am not aware that I'm overthinking, the moment I'm overthinking. (You know what I mean? Duh, ofc you know what I mean).

T promised that he will me help me with this, because this is something I can't do alone.

If you're like me who always overthink, I think it's time to ask help from someone who knows you and is willing to help you. I am so thankful for my partner who is willing to help me say goodbye to overthinking. Honestly, overthinking is just toxic and won't do you any good.

Saying goodbye to my favorite camera.

Just today, we said goodbye to our other baby -- Canon 1200D. It has been with us for almost 2 years now.

Though I don't use it as much, it was very important for me during events, birthdays and family days.

I've been planning on months to buy a small, mirrorless camera but this DSLR stops me. I always thought, "I still have a camera so I don't really need to buy a new one."

But just today, we sold it and I didn't feel sad nor anxious.

I know T and I were able to help a mom (who's studying at the same time) purchase a good and quality camera for a very affordable price.

So for the meantime, I'll be using my iPhone for the photos instead and I don't think it's that bad.

Saying goodbye to my blog.

Or no?

Just kidding.

Well, because of the stress that I had, I actually thought of deleting my blog.

It just seem to be the best thing to do at the time.

But I realized, if I was helping one young mom, even just one young mom because of this blog, I won't be quitting. Unless maybe I get 0 page-views in a day. I hope not.

So nope, not saying goodbye to this blog. Just a thought, you know.

A lot of goodbyes...

But healthy ones.

Have you had any goodbyes lately? I'd love to hear it from you.




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