Life Update: Oct-Nov 2019

It's been a while since I last wrote a blog post and I think I just need to update you guys about our life. Well, actually nothing much to update but I think it's good to write things out.

There have been some changes in our lives and I am facing all these changes positively.
If there is one lesson having a family taught me, it is to face your challenges with an open heart and open mind, and eventually everything else follows.

Even if you have a great paying job, like Tee and I had before, you will never be happy because you'll always be looking for something more.

It took me a while to realize that I love staying at home with Dreu and I actually love home-making, that if someone else does it for me, I hate it. I feel satisfaction and happiness in taking care of my family so I decided to stay at home -- actually,  work at home.

I just want to share what happened recently. I really applied for a job outside home and got hired as a Global Communications Trainer for a BPO company. It was a great opportunity. They have been asking documents from me so they can make my Job Offer but a week after, they texted me that the management wants to go with a different path and wanted to hire internally instead. (I really think it's because they can't afford my pay).

I made sure not to put my hopes up for this job because I was just offered the position when I was applying as a CSR. I thought it was a blessing so I said, "Yes, why not?" I was excited when I got hired and made sure I pass everything they need to make my hiring process smooth. I was a bit devastated when they rescinded the offer because me and my family were already expecting it.

Can you imagine how tiring it is to job hunt and look for the best company out there that would fit your needs - proximity, pay and environment? On top of that, the anxiety you feel every single time you take an assesment or face an interviewer.

1. I am now a work-at-home mom

So right now, Tee and I decided it is best for  me to work at home. We believe it's best for our family to have one parent at home instead of both of us working and leaving our child to a nanny's care.

Also, because of my anxiety, we decided it's better for me to hit 2 birds with one stone. If I work at home, I can help with finances so that's one less thing to worry about. And if I take care of Dreu at the same time, we don't have to worry about getting a good babysitter and we don't have to worry about Dreu when we're at the office.

Working at home with a flexible schedule and job that makes me earn and take care of my family at the same time is what's best for us.

2. I wake up before my child wakes up

 I have shared this several times but this has really been a struggle for me. I sleep late because I feel that my only time for myself is when Dreu's already asleep. But I realized that if I sleep right after he sleeps, I can wake up earlier than him, which gives me a clearer mindset, do more things than usual, and face my day positively.

Before Dreu was my alarm clock but now, I am waking up all on my own and an hour earlier than he does.

3. Lessen screen time

 I've read a facebook post of a mom of a 4-year-old where his son already needs to wear glasses at that young age. It wasn't in-born.

Guess what's the cause? Gadget! Too much use of gadget.

This is why I am currently creating a binder for Dreu to keep him busy while I am working in the evening. I just need to keep him busy for at least 4 hours because my start of shift is usually his sleeping time. So for the last 4 hours of shift, I just need to occupy him with activities, as I don't want him spending 4 hours watching Youtube or playing on the phone.

4. Set Realistic Goals

I have realized that the main cause of my stress is setting unrealistic goals. Like, if I want to finish a blog post, I wanted it done in a day but then, of course, I can't so I set it aside and think, "Yeah, I really can't do this."

And then what happens next?

I stopped writing.

I stopped graphic designing.

These unrealistic goals that I set myself made me procrastinate more and stopped me from creating awesome content.

So I started creating realistic goals, break down tasks and set a realistic deadline for these goals.

It made me more productive and creative.

Tee and I realized that the main source of my stress is because I am a perfectionist and I want things done right away, in an almost perfect sort of way -- which is impossible but I make myself believe it isn't.

One thing I do that helped me with setting realistic goals is to prioritize. Do things that are important and urgent, instead of doing things that are unimportant and not urgent.

These changes weren't as easy as what they looked like but they helped our family around.

How about you? What recent changes happened in your fam and how was it? I'd love to hear them in the comments down below.



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